Instructor Spotlight: Michelle Smith

My name is Michelle Smith, and I have been practicing Inferno Hot Pilates since 2017 and teaching it since 2018. I was introduced to Inferno Hot Pilates at a local yoga studio and quickly fell in love with the class because of its fun combination of cardio and strength training. I remember coming away from my first class feeling so good and accomplished and quickly realized I wanted to teach the class to offer that experience to others. 

Inferno Hot PilatesMichaelle Smith, Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor

Inferno Hot Pilates is for anyone because as the instructor I am always reminding the students to simply do what you can do today. You are only competing with yourself and trying to accomplish just a little bit more each time you step onto the mat. I also offer suggestions for other movements if one movement doesn’t feel right to your body. I teach proper form throughout the class to help keep your body safe. 

Teaching Inferno Hot Pilates

As a teacher, my favorite thing is having students get involved with the class. Students often make requests for certain movements or songs. I absolutely love that! If you come to my class, there is a good chance you will be encouraged to do a few rounds of Burpees, and my best tip for any IHP class is to engage your abs because ideally movement is driven from the core. 

If you too want to teach Inferno Hot Pilates, you need to go through the official IHP training created by Gabi Walters based in Las Vegas. If you love the class and always remain a student of the practice, you will likely be an awesome teacher.

Inferno Hot Pilates Classes

Come meet Michelle at one of our IHP classes at The Salt Barre! Visit our schedule to learn more about when Michelle will be hosting a class!


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