Instructor Spotlight: Gina

Hi, it is a great pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Gina, I am a certified yoga instructor. I teach The Original Hot Yoga 26 & 2 Sequence, The Barkan  Method Hot Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Classes. I am also certified in Zen Barre and Children’s Yoga. I have also studied yoga for trauma and addiction. I am a lover of nature, animals, the moon, and the sun, the ocean, and the simple things of life. I live and lead my life in love and breath. One breath at a time, one moment at a time.


Yoga For The First Time

I often think back to my first yoga class twenty years ago. A friend hired an instructor to come to her house for a group of four of us. It was Yoga InstructorHatha Yoga and it resonated deeply with me. We met once a week for a few years.  My children were young at the time and I cherished these classes. They rejuvenated me! When these classes ended I practiced Hatha and Vinyasa at a few studios sampling different classes.

To be raw and real, in January of 2011 I was in a difficult time of my life feeling depressed. It was recommended that I try hot yoga.  I felt very intimidated to try a class that was 105 degrees and 90 minutes long. It was challenging to say the least! When class was over I felt different and a little better! I dedicated myself to the practice and took 4 to 6  classes a week.  The layers began peeling away. I felt better physically but more importantly emotionally. I would arrive 15 minutes early to meditate and clear my mind. Quite often I tell my students the truth, it took me 6 weeks to say “ I love this practice”. Although in those 6 weeks I pushed myself to grow and heal.

One of my favorite books is “Living Your Yoga”. I live my yoga every day! Yoga has changed my life in so many ways. I am more calm, patient, open-minded, and free. Yoga is deep work. We all have family patterns and life experiences that shape us. We stuff unprocessed emotions deep inside. I have and continue to everyday peel away the layers. This work is hard. There were relationships and friendships that needed to end so I could grow authenticity. Yoga opened my body,  mind, and spirit to be my authentic self.


Hot 26&2 Yoga Classes

The Hot 26 & 2 Sequence is home to me. My soul resonates with its ability to change lives.  Throughout my life I have always had friends of all ages, I believe we learn and grow from everyone in our life. I love that this practice is for all ages and levels! I have taught it to students from 14 to 80! Students with injuries, joint replacements, anxiety and depression, weight issues, and those looking for community. Students come for many of these reasons, I have also had many students that are athletes that want to improve their performance.  I feel all are equally important!  If this practice calls you -answer! I advise my students new to Hot Yoga to give it a few classes before they make their final decision if they are unsure after their first class.  Come properly hydrated with an open mind and ears, it will all come together after a few classes. Prepare for your life to change!


Teaching Yoga Classes

Equally important to me is teaching Yin Yoga. Deeply rooted in the origins of yoga. This beautiful practice stimulates Chi and gets deep in the body. Through our long holds in our postures and breath, we release what is no longer serving us. My Yin classes are candlelight with beautiful music and readings. If you were to ask me my favorite posture I would say it is different every day as we are different every day! Some days I am a fiery Standing Bow-Dancers Pose, a combination of balance, strength, and focus. Some days I am calmer and love a long child’s pose or legs up the wall!


Attend Yoga Classes

If you are thinking about trying yoga my advice to you is to take this first step and sign up for a class. Find a style of yoga that best suits you. There are many choices. Yoga classes heal your body one posture and one breath at a time. You are your own healer!

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