salt therapy

Salt therapy is a natural form of therapy practiced for over 100 years that cleanses the body’s airways and skin. The pharmaceutical grade dry salt in the rooms are inhaled deep into the airways and lungs to gently stimulate the body’s natural action of cilia movement. This natural process acts as a bronchiole brush, which thins out mucus. This makes it easier for the body to relieve the mucus, pathogens and any debris from the body’s respiratory system.

During the salt therapy session, tiny salt particles also will land on the skin which improves the skin’s protective properties and promotes good bacteria while reducing the amount of bad bacteria. Pharmaceutical grade salt is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The salt also acts as a pH balancer and stimulates the cell regeneration process by creating a natural exfoliation of the skin. You’ll leave feeling a sense of rejuvenation and breathing easier!

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